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Confined Space Monitor GX-2009

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The confined space Monitor GX-2009 is the world´s smallest as well as lightest personal 4-gas monitor. Weighing only 130 grams, it fits in the palm of your hand. The GX-2009 represents the latest evolution of gas detection technology. The GX-2009 simultaneously monitors and displays combustibles oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO2) as well as hydrogen sulphide (H2S). It is a compact 70 (H) x 75 (L) x 25 (D) mm design.

Rugged, Reliable und Robust:

Advancements include dual audible alarm ports and alarm LED´s on 3 sides of the instrument. This ensures that alarm conditions are obvious from multiple perspectives especially in high noise environments. Other features include a water-resistant and dust-proof design wiht IP 67 rating, an impact resistant rubber over-mold body that is RFI resistant in additon to a large capacity data logging system. User benefit from these features as standard.

Sensor Technology:

The GX-2009 is designed around Riken Keiki`s compact and proven sensors. These sensors utilise catalytic combustion, electro-chemical as well as galvanic sensor technologies. These miniaturized sensors are manufactured with the same high quality control that has made Riken Keiki`s sensors as well as instruments the most reliable and long lasting monitoring devices in the industry.

Optional accessories:

An optional multi-charger is available. Operators charge multiple devices together saving considerable time.

SDM-2009 (Foto 3) is a single module calibration station allows users to calibrate, bump test, charge, and archive date. It works either independently or can be directly connected and controlled from a PC. Up to ten units can be connected together.

The GX-2009 is very popular with users as a confined space monitor in Petrochemical, Marine and Oil and Gas industries in addition to applications in waste water, sewage and many others.