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High pressure transmitters

High static pressure differential presssure transmitters for Oil & Gas applications Since 1996, Fuji Electric France has been developing specific differential pressure transmitters for oil applications and which are ideally suited to Topside and Subsea applications (depths down to 3500 metres).

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Thanks to technology based on a sensitive element which floats in the neck of the cell, our differential pressure transmitters enable flow measurements with the following static pressures :

  • 7500 Psi (517 bar)
  • 10 000 Psi (690 bar)
  • 15 000 Psi (1035 bar)
  • 20 000 Psi (1380 bar)

Ultra-deep water flow measurement

Oil & Gas producers are drilling to new depths to keep up with demand. Single and multiphase flowmeters are challenged by the need to operate at more and more high pressures.
Fuji Electric France supplies differential pressure transmitters for multi-phase flow measurement up to 3 500 meter water depth. More than 6000 specific high static pressure DP transmitters from Fuji Electric France are operating all over the world on top-side and subsea applications in the Oil & Gas market.

High Static Pressure Differential Pressure Transmitters

Today’s oil and gas industry is creating challenging applications that need specifically designed solutions to cope with higher static pressures, aggressive process and environmental conditions.
The experience and technical capability that Fuji Electric France has built into these transmitters enables them to measure differential pressures of 130mbar at static pressures of up to 1 035bar (15 000psi), typically found in top-side and subsea applications.
The accuracy and reliability of Fuji Electric’s transmitters is underpinned using specialist calibration equipment that produces differential pressure at extreme static pressures. This equipment is traceable to international metrology standards, through third party verification.

High Performance Pressure Transmitters

The improved specifications of Fuji Electric transmitters provide accuracy, reliability and extended long-term stability : Micro-machined silicon and floating cell technology gives Fuji Electric the ability to manufacture DP transmitters that provide accuracies of up to 0.1% of adjusted span, with a long-term stability of ten years at static pressures up to 1,035 bar.

Specific all welded design, the choice of adapted wetted and non wetted parts materials are fitting with NACE requirements and the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC category IV module H1.
Numerous process connection by remote seals are possible : Hub connectors, API, SPO standards or at customer request.
Models are available to suit applications that require remote diaphragm seals, digital communications, hazardous area certification, and offshore protection and subsea enclosures.


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