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TROLL 9500

The TROLL 9500 Multiparameter Sonde is a customizable water quality instrument that houses up to nine sensors, with optional internal power and logging capabilities for continuous groundwater and surface water monitoring.

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Unlike membrane-based Clark cell sensors, the EPA-approved optical RDO sensor is insensitive to common interferences like ammonia, pH and chloride. Plus, its fast response makes it ideal for vertical profiling in dynamic water conditions


  • Logging and non-logging modes available
  • Sensor options include standard parameters like DO, pH and conductivity, plus advanced parameters like turbidity, chloride and nitrate
  • Field-tested design with corrosion-resistant housing
  • NIST calibration report for guaranteed accuracy
  • EPA-approved optical RDO dissolved oxygen sensor
  • Compatible with low-flow system (sold separately)


  • Built to order — Get it configured with only the sensors you need.
  • Minimal maintenance and field time – Field-ready sensors, long-lasting internal power and corrosion-resistant design prolong instrument life.
  • Get more accurate data — Drift-resistant sensors come factory calibrated to give you the most reliable data possible.
  • Simplify operation — Quick Cal solution, telemetry access and user-friendly software make data collection faster and easier.