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Signal processing


2-wire universal temperature transmitter - B3 model


  • Input type and range selectable with the internal DIP switches and fine calibration using the front potentiometers
  • Define input during order : mV, V, T/C, RTD
  • Wide supply voltage range 12-45V DC
  • Eliminates noise and prevents ground loops with 2000V AC isolation
  • 18 mm larged
  • Input configurable two-wire transmitters, DIN rail mounted
  • Universal inputs and Input-output isolated : mV, resistance, thermocouple, potentiometer

Model types:

Input type                               DIP Programmable                       Hart® / Profibus

RTD, isolated                              B3FR

mV and V, isolated                      B3FV

T/C K J T, isolated                      B3FT-1

T/C E R N, isolated                     B3FT-2

Universal, Hart®                                                                                    B3HU-0

Universal, Hart®, IS                                                                               B3HU-2

Universal, Profibus-PA                                                                            27PM-0

Space-saving signal conditioners - M3LU

The M3LU is a programmable universal signal converter for DIN rail mounting, which does not require the use of a PC or a programming panel.
Local configuration with 3 keys on the front panel and jumper switches.


Universal inputs : 

  • Current input (0-20mA) or voltage (-10 to +10DC)
  • Thermocouple (K, E, J, T, B, R, S, C, N, U, L et P)
  • Resistance (Pt 100-1000, Ni 100-120, Ni508.4, Ni-Fe 604, Cu 10)

  • Potentiometer (0-4000Ω)
  • Current output (0-20mA) or voltage (-10 to +10DC)
  • T4-wires technology - External power supply : 9-36V DC or 85-264V DC 50/60Hz
Isolation Input / output : 1500V AC
  • Burnout (T/C and RTD)
  • Frequency input (option)
  • A dedicated cable is required to connect with USB (COP-US) or serie (MCN-CON) (option)

Model types

  • Input type: Frequency, isolated, 85-264Vac, PC programmable: M3LPA2-M2/A
  • Input type: Frequency, isolated, 9-36Vdc, PC programmable: M3LPA2-R4/A
  • Input type: Universal, isolated, 85-264Vac, PC programmable: M3LU-M2/A
  • Input type:Universal, isolated, 9-36Vdc, PC programmable:M3LU-R4/A

Input loop powered isolator - M6DSN

DIN RAIL mounted Input loop powered isolator M6DSN are available with one or two channels.


  • 5,9 mm wide ultra-slim design
  • N° of channels : 1 and 2 channels
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Accuracy : ±0.1%
  • CE/UL and CUL approvals
  • Loop-powered design eliminates output loop power supply
  • Input : 4/20mA and Output : 4/20mA


2-wire universal temperature transmitter - 27U

The 27 SC converter is a head-mounted two-wire signal converter.


  • Universal input : mV, thermocouple, RTD and resistance
  • Programming via PC Configurator (HART® version for 27HU model)
  • User’s temperature table can be used
  • ATEX / FM IS
  • Suitable for Functional Safety applications up to SIL2

Model types:

  • Input type: RTD, non isolated; PC programmable: 27R-0
  • Input type:RTD,non isolated IS; PC programmable:27R-2
  • Input type: RTD, isolated; PC programmable: 27RS-0
  • Input type: RTD, isolated, IS27; PC programmable: RS-2
  • Input type: T/C, isolated; PC programmable: 27TS-0
  • Input type: T/C, isolated, IS; PC programmable: 27TS-2
  • Input type: Universal; PC programmable: 27U-0; Hart®: 27HU-0
  • Input type: Universal, IS; PC programmable: 27U-2; Hart®: 27HU-2
  • Input type: Potentiometer; PC programmable: 27PM-0

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