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Wireless temperature HUB - Fuji Electric telemetry monitor ensures the monitoring of heating, gas, electrical ... systems in buildings.

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Easy start-up and use

  • No PC software required. Easy navigation and set-up from the touch panel.
  • Reception level is displayed
  • Transmitters can be tagged
  • To avoid loss you can move the receiver instead of the antenna
  • Lifetime of transmitter’s battery is displayed
  • Auto detection of transmitters


  • Smart City
  • District heating

Autonomy and performance

  • Constant and lasting operation
  • Transmitter’s lifetime is up to 10 years
  • Transmitter distance up to 600 m
  • Data file can be downloaded using USB or FTP
  • Measures and datas available with Modbus RTU / TCP


This system can be customized to meet yours applications requirements ( Automatic transmission of measurements via GSM, upload of information on dedicated website, integration of your products etc.)


Fuji Electric guarantees the sustainability of its products, hardware and software, so that you’re completely autonomous for very long time.



  • Maximum number of sensors (contact us for other configuration): 60 (7 inches) or 120 (10 inches)
  • Maximum range without repeater (in open space): 600m
  • Battery’s lifetime: 10 years with data rate at 10 minutes (depending on operational temperature)
  • Sensors type: Ambiante or remote temperature
                         Analog input: 0-10V, 4-20mA, 0-5V
                         TOR input
                         Pulse input (for gas, water, electricity counters etc.)

Acquisition Box:

  • Touch panel (7 inches or 10 inches)
  • Measures and datas available with Modbus RTU / TCP
  • Reception level and battery level of each sensor are displayed
  • User-friendly system, Wizard to show you all sensors
  • Sensors can be tagged
  • Sensor’s alarm management
  • Measures are stored in CSV files available using USB or FTP (10 inches model)

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