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FD3000 4 digits panel meter

Fuji Electric offers a complete line of digital panel meters for the display of all your application process data. Numerous functions or options (current, voltage, thermocouple, frequency, RTD or pulses - 10000 points display- Alarms, re-transmission output, modbus communication…) are available and allow panel meters to meet your needs. Totalizer and integrator models with dual display complete the range.

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The FD3000 panel meter displays a lot of kind of industrial data's. It allows easy programming with universal power supply and accepts a wide variety of input signals: Pt100 (3 wires), Pt1000 (2 wires) (IEC 60751) and thermocouples (IEC 60584-1), process, potentiometer (3 wires) and resistance (2 wires).
Scales are easily configurable for any unit. Manual mode (theoretical values ​​of the transducer) or learning mode (real values) help to configurate and all parameters are configurable in front display.
Available with 20mm display.


  • Digital panel meter with a display of 10000 points
  • Format : 48mm x 96mm x 60mm
  • Power supply : 115 to 230V AC, 12V DC or 24V DC
  • 4 input types available
  • Process : ±10V, ±20mA and potentiometer (with transmitter power supply)
  • PT100
  • Thermocouple J, K, T
  • Frenquency / Tachymeter (magnetic sensor, NaMUR, encoder, PNP, NPN, contact, H.T.)
  • Easy and quick configuration in front display               
  • Available options : 2 alarm relay outputs SPDT 8A (High and Low alarms)