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FD6000 multifunction & multicolor 5 digits panel meter

Fuji Electric offers a complete line of digital panel meters for the display of all your application process data. Numerous functions or options (current, voltage, thermocouple, frequency, RTD or pulses - 10000 points display- Alarms, re-transmission output, modbus communication…) are available and allow panel meters to meet your needs. Totalizer and integrator models with dual display complete the range.

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The FD6000 is a programmable indicator incorporating the most modern technologies. It accepts a wide variety of input signals.
Easy and fast configuration on the front panel or by PC software (free)
10-segment linearization and front or remote tare

PROGRAMMABLE DISPLAY COLOR (GREEN, ORANGE, RED) to indicate the measurement statut (GOOD, MEDIUM, BAD), to differentiate the measurement type according to the color.  Colors are programmable and can be assigned to the measurement, the programming or ro to alarm activation.
Its scale can be configured either by the 3-key keypad or by direct acquisition of the signal level.


  • Digital panel meter with a display of 20000 points,
  • Color display programmable (green, orange or red) assignable to measure, programming or alarm activation.
  • Format : 48mm x 96mm x 60mm,
  • Power supply : 115 to 230V AC, or 21-53V AC and 10-70V DC,
  • 3 input types available:
    •  Universal inputs :  ±10V, ±20mA, ±15mV, ±30mV, ±150mV, Pt100, Thermocouple J, K, T, and potentiometer
    • Counter, Tachymeter, Chronometer & Frequency meter, (magnetic sensor, NaMUR, encoder, PNP, NPN, contact, H.T.)                  
    • Voltmeter / Ampere meter (TRMS) AC/DC (voltage 2, 20, 200, 600V AC / DC and 50, 60, 100mV AC / DC, current 200mA, 1/5A)
  • 3 inputs with 12 logic functions programmable
  • 2 brightness levels display
  • Total or partial configuration lockout


  • External transmitter power supply (24 V DC 60 mA or 10 V/5 V DC 60 mA)
  • 2 alarm relay outputs 8A (High and Low alarms)
  • 4 alarm relay outputs 5A (High and Low alarms)
  • 1 DC voltage (0-10V) or current (4-20mA) output
  • RS 232C or RS 485 (MODBUS RTU protocol) communication

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