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PHL paperless recorder

Industrial recorders are widely used to record process values such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, level, and concentration in various industrial plants. They feature a large 5.7 "and 12.1" color LCD screen. The data is displayed as vertical or horizontal diagrams with a wide range of display types for recordings (bar graphs, analogs, digital indicators, totalizers, etc.). The measurements are saved on a Compact Flash memory card (several years of recording and data backup) and can be opera

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PHL paperless recorder: Provides flexibility and variety in the handling of record data

Up to 9 or 18 channels for thermocouples, RTD, voltage, or current input

  • Wide variety of display mode
  • Large-capacity data storage
  • Data viewer and parameter loader software provided as standard
  • Compact design: 160 x 144 x 185 mm, 1.5 kg
  • RS485 (MODBUS) (option)
  • Ethernet (option)

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