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Power Controller

Fuji Electric offers you a complete range of Thyristor Power Controller Inductive Loads, including Resistance on Secondary o Transformer.

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  • Resistive, inductive & transformer loads
  • Single-phase or three-phase
  • Current range – 850A, 1000A, 1400A, 1500A, 1850A, 2000A, 2400A, 2700A
  • Max. voltage 480V, 600V or 690V AC as option
  • Inputs: SSR, 0:10V, 4:20mA, 10KPot and Communication Std.
  • Firing mode: Delay Triggering + Burst Firing (DT), Phase Angle (PA) or Soft Start + Phase Angle (S+PA); Current Limit is available with Phase Angle


Electric heating, heating elements, industrial furnaces, tubular elements, flanged heaters, ceramic heaters, fluid circulation heaters, air heaters, Ducts, heating elements for cartridges and strips.


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